2018 Askew Award Winner

Recipient: Caleb N. Cox, CPM

Agency: South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

Project Title: Improving Rejection Rates for Amendments received from Regional Vital Records Offices

Project Description: Every day people request their birth certificate or family member’s death certificate and find that maybe a name or date of birth is incorrect.  Most people need that information to be correct before using the document.  This many times requires an amendment process in which involves gathering evidence and signing an affidavit.  This portion of the process can be done in South Carolina regional offices but the state office must approve all amendments.  However, when the amendments are sent to the state office, if something was not done correctly the process must be redone.  In this project, Caleb used existing programs and technology such as microsoft excel to implement a shared tracking system between offices to better monitor affidavits coming to the state office and calculated a precise rate of rejection for each employee, office, region, and the state as a whole.  This was then be made part of each employee’s performance measures in their EPMS giving the employees incentive to improve their personal metrics.  During this project, the rate of rejection, which previously ranged between 12% and 35%, decrease to 6% in just 6 months.  Additionally, the average processing time for amendments was reduced from 4-6 weeks down to 2-3 weeks.  Now the department has an accurate measure of what the rate of rejection is from the regional offices and has the data necessary to continue improving that metric.