Askew Award

About the George Askew Award:

The  Academy  created  its  Management  Practices  Committee  to  provide  a mechanism for the recognition of management practices that represent the philosophy of the Academy. It was decided to focus on projects being completed as part of the various CPM programs. The Award winning projects should demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Be innovative in its approach
  • Demonstrate an improvement in quality within the work unit as a result of the project
  • Show cost savings if the result of the implementation of the project
  • Be an outstanding demonstration of CPM principles
  • For recognition of other significant contributions

On  May  18,  1996,  members of  the  House  of  Delegates  voted  to  name  the awards  of  the  Management  Practices  Committee  for  George  Askew.  George  was  a leader in the CPM Program at the state and national level, serving as President-Elect of the Academy in 1991-92, and President in 1992-93. He is also considered as the “first CPM”, being the first name called in first-ever CPM graduation ceremony in Georgia in 1983.


These  awards  are  given  to  acknowledge  the  efforts  of  those  who  have demonstrated exemplary work in the completion of their CPM projects, which are a vital component of each participant’s training. As stated on the medallion, these are given “For  the  utilization  of  management  practices  exemplifying  the  philosophy  of  the American Academy of Certified Public Managers in the completion of an exceptional curriculum project”.

One  Award  will  be  given  to  the  winner  from  each  CPM  program.  For  those submitted projects with multiple winners, each author will minimally receive an unframed certificate acknowledging their participation and achievement. The Academy will work with the Consortium to provide medallions to all authors when financially feasible.

The Award itself is a bronze medallion approximately 770cm (3”) in diameter and 5cm (3/16”) in thickness. The front of the award has the Academy logo with the works “American Academy of Certified Public Managers within the upper circumference and the words “George C. Askew Award” in script horizontally across the medallion under the logo. The reverse of the logo has the words “Presented to (space for engraving winner’s name) this (space for engraving the date) for the utilization of management practices … (continued as stated in Purpose above)

Committee members and Chair:

The committee shall be composed of three members from different Societies with members appointed by the Academy President and approved by the Board. Committee Chair is responsible for submitting an article for the newsletter announcing the winners.

Application process and timetable of events:

Three – months prior Programs submit Askew names to Chair of Management Practices to Annual Meeting Committee. 1-3 months prior Committee has medallions struck and certificates prepared as needed to Annual Meeting

Criteria for nomination:

Each CPM program provider will adopt its own specific criteria in selecting the outstanding project while taking into account the general principles listed previously. They are encouraged to involve members of their local Society whenever possible, even to the degree of turning over the selection process to that Society.

Records Retention:

Nominations and associated records shall be turned over to the Secretary for filing  in  the  Academy  archives  within  30  days  of  the  Annual  Meeting  at  which  the winner(s) are announced.