Year   Award Winner(s) Agency Project Title 




Jeff Terry

Melody Lucas

Samuel Weldon




Routine Planned Highway Maintenance Performance Tracking and Budget Planning Tool

Reducing the Occurrent of Late BabyNet Eligibility Determinations Using Metric-Based  Process Improvement

Fostering Innovation: Increasing Efficiency in Permanency Planning Hearings for Children in Foster Care

2019Jason JohnstonDOTMaximizing the Lifespan of Open-Graded Friction Course on South Carolina Highways
2018Caleb Nyle CoxDHECImproving Rejection Rates for Amendments received from Regional Vital Records Offices
2017Robert A. LawyerORSA Review of the ORS Renewable Electric Generation Facilities Leasing Program
2016Shealy B. ReiboldHHSInto the Spotlight: Bringing Transparency, Consistency, and Efficiency to the Division of Appeals and Hearings 
2015Brian K. Leach /
Christopher N. Whitmire

Caroline C. Overcash



Election Cycle Project Plan

An Opportunity for Taxpayer Savings through Improving Statewide Accounts Receivable Practices

2014Elizabeth HillDJJOut of Many, One: Improving the Process of Providing Reports to the SC Board of Juvenile Parole and DJJ Release Authority

2013Ryan SneedDEWAnalysis of the Department of Employment and Workforce's overpayment billing process
2012Laurel EddinsHHSMonitoring the Impact of Medicaid Savings Initiatives and Program Reductions for South Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
2012Susan BrownleeAdminHealthier at Home/Nurse Line: A Cost-Benefit Analysis
2011Sylvan ProsserDORNo Title
2010Tamara StarnesDMHInclusion of Probationers in South Carolina Mental Health Courts
2009Todd BlakeVocAppropriateness of Providing Transportation to Job Readiness Training
2008Mike LanierCJABasic Law Enforcement Training Failures
2007Herb CooperDOTImproving the Process of Asphalt Roadway Inspection
2006Robin S. Mack / Charles W. HightowerDHECPreventing Leaking Spill Containment Basins and Reducing the Resulting Environmental Impact
2005Joseph Lyde Graham IIIDMHPermanent Productivity Process Improvement Project
2004David B. Cook DOTMaintenance Assessment Program (MAP) Development and Implementation
2003Michael J. Tucker DPSPublic Safety Radio – Cost Efficient Measures
2002Shirley S. Hanna DSSForms Automation: Where to Begin
2001Laura Jean Pace DHECUnderground Storage Tank Payment
2000Terry Baggott AdminA Procedure for Calculation Costs Associated with Appeals to the State Human Resources Director and the Cost Savings when Appeals are Resolved in Mediation
1999James E. Owens DHECEQC Laboratory Analytical Problems

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